Monthly Archives: February 2014


So, I finally got to it and made myself a blog. I’ll try to keep it updated with stuff I learn, links to useful sites and articles I’ve read and maybe even some inspiration and other fun stuff. Most of it will probably concern programming, particularly front-end and JavaScript related stuff.

I’ll also add my experiments to the playground area of the site, either as fiddles or hosted on the site. I’ll also try to keep my GitHub repository updated. To get things started, here’s a list of stuff I’d like to try out and learn more about. If you happen to be sitting on any experience or useful links about them, feel free to share any of it in the comments!

Frameworks, systems, server-side

    • One-page-webapps using a JS MVC framework – Angular, 
    • Backbone,


  • Node.js (for websockets and RESTful APIs)
  • Minimization, optimization, build scripts and Grunt
  • NPM – how to use it inside different projects
  • Alternative uses of Git
  • Cloud services; Azure, AWS, others?
  • Spotify apps
  • Heroku (for web app hosting)


  • Underscore.js
  • Require.js
  • Bootstrap 3 (have some experience with v.2)

HTML5 features

  • Websockets
  • Web workers
  • The local storage APIs – useful for web apps!
  • Reload-free URL updating in-depth
  • WebGL
  • Canvas (for playful 2d guis)
  • Repeating (and using) the new semantic elements

JavaScript concepts

  • Promises and promise libs
  • Map/Reduce libs

My first little project will (hopefully) involve Angular.js and websockets, to play a bit with real-time-data… We’ll see!