Spritz it!

Spritz is a quite remarkable piece of software, that tries to eliminate the need to move your eyes while reading. To do this, they try to calculate where the eye would want to focus, and then putting that spot at the point where it is already looking. A while back i tried building my own version of Spritz, just to see how far i could go without spending a couple of years researching reading. Try it yourself, and make sure to compare it with the original.

Original version: SpritzInc.com

My version: Codepen

See the Pen spritzIt by David Forsberg (@davidanton1d) on CodePen.


The simplest (read: fastest) webshop around

A customer approached us with a classic problem: They wanted to receive more orders, but less phone calls. The stuff that they sell are mostly cables, infrastructure stuff and spare parts, and their customers are wind turbine operators and municipalities installing fiber networks. That means that they are not going to boost their sales with great pictures and “customers buying 300m 32a power cables also bought this”-features. Furthermore, the orders they recieve would be typed into an email to their supplier. They basically wanted an e-mail form for ordering stuff by article numbers.

So, two hours later I had an early prototype based on AngularJS, reading article info by ajax from a rather easy-to-maintain csv-file – no server code used at all. After showing the customer it quickly, asking if it was something like what they’d expected, they responded with “We need to have these customer logos in the header as well. Also, add fields x, y and z to the order form.”

A day and a half later, hacking in the added fields, catching a few errors and adding a simple server-coded login page, we moved the page to our public web server.


  • Instant feedback on search, adding articles and calculating sums
  • A compilation of the users cart
  • Order-specific fields with the possibility to preload values from another csv file
  • Easy-to-maintain (or at least easy-to-export-to) article list in csv format
  • Article categories
  • User sees the exact mail text sent when sending an order, giving the customer a receipt
  • Soft scrolling to anchors in the menu
  • Fully bootstrapped, and thus very… themeable?
  • Super light and very fast, very little server-side code







Blå kartan


By Edaen (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Stort sett alla åkare i landet använder Blå Kartan från Lantmäteriet. Den kartan använder det svenska koordinatsystemet SWEREF 99, till skillnad från mobiler och surfplattor som använder koordinatsystemet WGS84. Om det fanns ett mobil-vänligt verktyg som kunde omvandla koordinater mellan dessa två system skulle man plötsligt kunna använda många olika kart- och navigerings-appar för att titta på koordinater.

Jag hittade lite tips på ämnet på siten Trafiklab, som länkade till flera bibliotek för konvertering mellan koordinatsystemen – bland annat till en sida som gör det med JavaScript. Snabbt föddes tanken om en webapp som tar in SWEREF-koordinater och matar ut WGS84-koordinater tillsammans med en länk som öppnar positionen i t ex Google Maps’ app.

Sidan är publicerad under CC-licens (länkad i sidans källkod) som tilåter att man bygger vidare på den så länge syftet inte är kommersiellt. Förhoppningsvis kan det bli ett litet projekt någon gång framöver att rippa sidan och anpassa den till mitt syfte!


So, I finally got to it and made myself a blog. I’ll try to keep it updated with stuff I learn, links to useful sites and articles I’ve read and maybe even some inspiration and other fun stuff. Most of it will probably concern programming, particularly front-end and JavaScript related stuff.

I’ll also add my experiments to the playground area of the site, either as fiddles or hosted on the site. I’ll also try to keep my GitHub repository updated. To get things started, here’s a list of stuff I’d like to try out and learn more about. If you happen to be sitting on any experience or useful links about them, feel free to share any of it in the comments!

Frameworks, systems, server-side

    • One-page-webapps using a JS MVC framework – Angular, 
    • Backbone,


  • Node.js (for websockets and RESTful APIs)
  • Minimization, optimization, build scripts and Grunt
  • NPM – how to use it inside different projects
  • Alternative uses of Git
  • Cloud services; Azure, AWS, others?
  • Spotify apps
  • Heroku (for web app hosting)


  • Underscore.js
  • Require.js
  • Bootstrap 3 (have some experience with v.2)

HTML5 features

  • Websockets
  • Web workers
  • The local storage APIs – useful for web apps!
  • Reload-free URL updating in-depth
  • WebGL
  • Canvas (for playful 2d guis)
  • Repeating (and using) the new semantic elements

JavaScript concepts

  • Promises and promise libs
  • Map/Reduce libs

My first little project will (hopefully) involve Angular.js and websockets, to play a bit with real-time-data… We’ll see!